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Modernization Versus Preservation in Paris During the Gaullist Era: A Tale of Two Cities
Imperial International Law: Elihu Root and the Legalist Approach to American Empire
Myths Laid to Rest: Death, Burial, and Memory in the American South
Personality Testing in the Thirties and the Problem of the Individual in American “Mass” Society

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Established in 1954, Essays in History is the annual publication of the Corcoran Department of History at the University of Virginia.  Seeking high-quality work by emerging scholars, EiH publishes peer-reviewed articles in all fields of historical inquiry, as well as reviews of the most recent scholarship.  EiH serves as a resource to students, teachers, researchers, and enthusiasts of historical studies.

Updates: Our Spring 2014 Quarterly Reviews are now online. Please follow the link to read Max Walden's historiographical review, Tragedy's Centenary: The First World War at 100.